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of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.

So I don't think there is such a close link between political stability and economic performance.

political definition and meaning. What does political definination?

Example of political

  • "I don't want to make it too political ," she says.

  • political party

  • And, they are not the ones who have a direct stake in the political affairs in their societies.

  • As doctors battled to find out what caused a sudden deterioration in his health, his political and personal affairs were in a mess.

  • By the middle of the nineteenth century political thinking was concerned with issues to which the Republic seemed relevant.

  • Churchill's active political life began when Queen Victoria still reigned.

  • Could these confidential files not been used for partisan political reasons?

  • He is better known as a political leader rather than a social reformer.

  • He's been in the public eye for decades and active in politics and political circles for years.

  • Her political beliefs had been bolstered by her religious faith and she saw the emergence of a democratic society as a proper salvation.

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