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Definition of politic


(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances.

The descent of property of every kind therefore to all the children, or to all the brothers and sisters, or other relations in equal degree, is a politic measure and a practicable one.

engage in political activity.

Their policies and programs are far superior, but they are pikers compared to him when it comes to politicking .

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Example of politic

  • Affecting someone's conscience by grace and restraint does not mean rolling over and playing dead, muttering meaningless politically correct platitudes, or remaining silent as many find it politic to do.

  • And then expedience comes along and asks the question, is it politic ?

  • And very smart and very politic , she was clad in white as sailors who were lining the deck - they were holding California flags and symbolizing their new home.

  • Asked for his favourite martial arts movie, he politicly chooses one from each of his heroes: Jackie Chan's Police Story, Jet Li's Once Upon a Time in China, Bruce Lee's Way of the Dragon, and Panna Ritthikrai's Born to Fight.

  • But these insurgent parties often quickly backslid on their founding principles when it became politic to do so.

  • But they can also burn up time, serve as a forum for politicking , and end up ratifying mediocre plans.

  • But you'd understand if they thought it politic to pass.

  • Europeans need to remember that in many important ways they are playing catch-up to America, and that it might be more politic not to repeatedly claim to be wiser and more mature than everybody else.

  • Even if we could persuade every single theatrical liberal that it is in the best interest of the liberal agenda to behave in a more politic way, it would not make one bit of difference.

  • Foreign dignitaries found it politic to stay away.

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