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Synonyms of poacher

Definition of poacher

a pan for cooking eggs or other food by poaching.

Alternatively, the truly easiest way to make poached eggs is with an egg poacher .

a person who hunts or catches game or fish illegally.

The government has lost control of the eastern parts of the country and poachers freely hunt down elephants for their ivory.

a small spiny fish that has an armor of overlapping plates and lives chiefly in cooler coastal waters.

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Example of poacher

  • A clampdown on salmon poachers in North Yorkshire has been announced following reports of an increase in numbers of fish returning to the rivers.

  • Alternatively, the truly easiest way to make poached eggs is with an egg poacher .

  • an egg poacher

  • Anyone trying to take fish during the close season is breaking the law, and the agency is warning that fisheries enforcement teams armed with high tech equipment will be patrolling known hotspots to protect the fish from poachers .

  • Biologists estimated that there were no more than 250 Siberian tigers left in the wild; dozens were being killed each year by poachers who hunted on foot, by car, and by helicopter.

  • Briefly considered buying an egg poacher but then I tried Carla's recipe for scrambled eggs.

  • For years conservationists have fought to protect South Africa's elephants from poachers and hunters, but now it seems that they may have been too successful.

  • He believes Chinese ivory dealers are entrenched in Africa, dealing directly with the poachers to supply China with high volumes of moderately priced ivory.

  • He was determined not to let poachers get to the eggs.

  • However, failure to catch any poachers has led police to believe that an organised gang is behind the apparent drop in wild deer numbers.

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