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(of a person or animal) not easily upset or excited.

The placid nature of many of the skits is due mostly in part to the fact that times have changed and so has the country's sense of what is funny.

placid definition and meaning. What does placid definination?

Example of placid

  • A couple of km further down the coast is a placid strip of sand known as Sunset Beach, which is a good option for the non-surfers.

  • But every one or two minutes, the placid water erupts in an explosion of mud, followed by a plume of white steam.

  • Few know that Hebbal Lake is an ideal place for a quiet paddle on placid waters.

  • He was placid , very pleasant, proud, charming and unassuming.

  • He's more placid , but can still be unpredictable and difficult.

  • His placid nature and sense of humour instilled confidence in patients seeking counselling.

  • I had no ambition of asking for a luxurious house by a placid lake from my husband because I was used to hearing airplanes every day.

  • In actual fact, any individual on the drug was so mild and placid , they stood more chance of being mugged themselves than causing a problem to anyone else.

  • Ironically, the day of the Great Invasion was a very calm and placid one.

  • It showed in her movements, those fine steps and twists that were as smooth as prized silk and as calm as the placid lake on a sunny day.

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