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(of a fruit or plant) containing much pith.

In particular, its attractive golden rind is not a distinct, pithy covering like that of a true citrus fruit, but is thin, soft, and pulpy.

(of language or style) concise and forcefully expressive.

The clarity of ideas and the interlacing of pithy quotes make this a readable, thought-provoking book.

pithier definition and meaning. What does pithier definination?

Example of pithier

  • - Thanks to Joe for this pithy summary of the relevant issues.

  • And I'm not going to end with a pithy summary.

  • And it's years since I've heard anyone pile up as many pithy one-liners.

  • And the connection is a pithy phrase of Deputy Noonan's dating back to the 1987 election campaign.

  • But Porter does not shy away from the pithy language of the street, when it seems called for.

  • Every few minutes our phones beep with some pithy comment from each other.

  • Fighting for the Future, for all its provocative arguments and pithy language, sometimes borders on the apocalyptic.

  • For once, I have no pithy rejoinder to tack on to a post.

  • He wrote plain English, punctuated by short pithy sentences.

  • I didn't truly understand Dean Ricci when he uttered this pithy quote during an admissions interview.

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