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a bagpipe player.

Standing on a makeshift stage of whisky barrels, the six drummers, pipers and vocalists are a dishevelled-looking bunch: think Braveheart meets Mad Max.

a person who plays a pipe, especially an itinerant musician.

After word of Banks' presence spread, he became a modern-day pied piper .

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Example of piper

  • A lone piper played for the wedding party while it waited for Rachel's arrival.

  • A lone piper played the lament before the crowd dispersed from the quayside following the ceremony.

  • According to himself, he became fascinated with the pipes having seen and heard a travelling piper who called at his home in 1930.

  • Adrian Schofield was - still is - a champion Northumbrian piper , despite coming from Bolton.

  • After word of Banks' presence spread, he became a modern-day pied piper .

  • Although he feared her, she could see he thought he had played her as a piper plays his pipe.

  • AS THE drone of the bagpipes settles into a pleasing skirl, the piper enters and a hush falls over the crowd.

  • As well as the actor, the opening also featured Scottish pipers , clowns and a barbecue.

  • But don't expect to warm a brandy in front of a log fire serenaded by a piper 's lament.

  • During the offertory, Michael Delaney played the trumpet, and the piper piped during the communion.

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