Definition of petitions


a formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause.

The surgery had 350 registered patients and 186 people signed a petition against plans to shut it down.

make or present a formal request to (an authority) with respect to a particular cause.

leaders petitioned the government to hold free elections soon

petitions definition and meaning. What does petitions definination?

Example of petitions

  • All fifty states have statutes granting grandparents, and sometimes other third parties, the right to petition a court for visitation with children - even when the parents object.

  • Coun Amson even petitioned the Greater London Authority on the police station issue.

  • Even if you never write letters, sign petitions , or speak up in public, you can still make a difference in this world.

  • Harrow petitioned for leave to appeal to resolve this doubtful point of law and leave, I assume, was given on that basis.

  • He was especially indignant that when hearing the couple's divorce petitions , the court had affirmed Almena's charge of cruelty.

  • I hope Evening Press readers will sign petitions and write to their MPs demanding that these plans to pay benefits directly into banks are scrapped.

  • I speak of the trial of actions including petitions for divorce or nullity in the High Court.

  • In addition, the legality of the ad and its publication has apparently been challenged through writ petitions filed before courts in some parts of the country.

  • Meanwhile, three writ petitions were admitted in the High Court against the seven-week moratorium.

  • More than 100 locals and 40 traders have signed petitions fearing that the plans could ruin the appearance of the area.

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