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Definition of perceive


become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.

The intuition perceives patterns and rhythms.

interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way; regard as.

Students generally perceive accounting as boring and dull.

perceive definition and meaning. What does perceive definination?

Example of perceive

  • And besides, Smith says she's stopped worrying about how people perceive her.

  • As humans, our five senses are basic ways through which we perceive the world.

  • Consequently, people within the same community may not perceive risk in the same way as their neighbours.

  • For some, this discovery led them to perceive a lack in Australian society of shared moral values and of encouragement to live well.

  • he was quick to perceive that there was little future in such arguments

  • Her ability to understand, to perceive the nature of the truth was what was being tested.

  • However, for us our own branding has been an issue as people perceive us as a data company, so we have to work hard to get out the message about our voice and converged abilities.

  • I believe that the name given to you by your parents can have a great bearing on your life, an influence on the person you become and the way in which people perceive you.

  • I still find myself wondering how people perceive me as I move through this world.

  • I think people would perceive him a little differently from how they did in the '70s.

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