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Definition of peopler


(of a particular group of people) inhabit (an area or place).

The heirs to the Incas and the Mayas, and those of the myriad other Indian nations that peopled the continent in the pre-Columbus era, have a long tradition of resistance.

human beings in general or considered collectively.

I feel they are aiming at older people and people in wealthy jobs more than the younger generation.

the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.

There is also an eloquent record of tribal history of the indigenous peoples of Alaska's ethnic Indian and Inuit population.

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Example of peopler

  • All the people we have trained are now members of a close network and pay fees to our union.

  • But it was also a way for the new government to allow the people to do their own work.

  • Culture is made up of the people in a given society and British Muslim women are part of this society.

  • Each day he has looked at a key issue facing us as a nation, as a people , as frail human beings.

  • he is very much a man of the people

  • He promised that his every move would be subject to the will of the people .

  • He promised to work to the best of his ability for all of the people of the constituency.

  • his economic reforms no longer have the support of the people

  • I don't want to pay more council tax than is fair but I do want to live in a society that cares for people .

  • In general, too many people put too much emphasis on historic stock market statistics.