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Definition of people


(of a particular group of people) inhabit (an area or place).

The heirs to the Incas and the Mayas, and those of the myriad other Indian nations that peopled the continent in the pre-Columbus era, have a long tradition of resistance.

human beings in general or considered collectively.

I feel they are aiming at older people and people in wealthy jobs more than the younger generation.

the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.

There is also an eloquent record of tribal history of the indigenous peoples of Alaska's ethnic Indian and Inuit population.

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Example of people

  • All the people we have trained are now members of a close network and pay fees to our union.

  • All the comments from people have been positive, so with any luck she'll also think the same.

  • All these taken into account by society and by the people around us, create our identity.

  • As I grew older, my imaginary friends took on the personas of real living people .

  • But it was also a way for the new government to allow the people to do their own work.

  • Can I change the terms and conditions of the people who are already working there?

  • Each day he has looked at a key issue facing us as a nation, as a people , as frail human beings.

  • He claimed he could serve the people better in an independent position than an official one.

  • he is very much a man of the people

  • He's a very strong personality, but he talks to people as human beings and he's very honest.