penniless Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of penniless

Definition of penniless


(of a person) having no money; very poor.

Nearly one-third of filers claimed they were nearly penniless after paying these fees.

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Example of penniless

  • A man meets a beautiful but penniless girl on a trip to Cuba.

  • As a result, many of them have had to resort to shooting kangaroos in order to sell the meat, as they are almost penniless .

  • But after reputedly making millions from crime he says he's now penniless .

  • But I soon tired of the parental nagging, and the boredom and the pennilessness of teenage unemployment, and set out to find myself an income.

  • During the years of the Second Dutch War, opposition in Parliament frequently blamed the Crown's chronic pennilessness and mismanagement of the war on official corruption and the cost of the mistresses.

  • Financial difficulty had evolved into pennilessness , and with no ordinary work available she had been at her wits' end.

  • He also brought on board bankers who could help finance his schemes but things did not go well and he was soon penniless and having to borrow money.

  • He was under the impression the the hut committee had spent all of the memorial fund and that we were penniless .

  • Her father's once prosperous business had fallen apart and they were left penniless due to their huge debts.

  • I had used all the money to get to England so I was penniless in a foreign land with only the clothes on my back and my sword to my name.