peevish Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of peevish

Definition of peevish


easily irritated, especially by unimportant things.

I'm not sure why it is that liberals have become gloomy, scolding, peevish and puritanical, but so they have.

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Example of peevish

  • ‘He didn't like you either, might I remind you,’ he responded peevishly .

  • ‘This country needs engineers,’ she muttered peevishly .

  • ‘Well, I couldn't very well blurt out the truth,’ snapped Sam, peevishly .

  • ‘You never should have opened your mouth,’ warned the judge peevishly .

  • Always being overlooked would cause a person to become peevish .

  • Arilss was deposited on Morgan's other side, looking equally peevish .

  • By the time we emerged in the canning shed, Granny was back to her usual peevish self, as if nothing had happened.

  • Either way I was feeling a tad peevish at the moment.

  • Everyone looked angry, except Joyuko who looked more skeptical than peevish as she usually did.

  • He becomes more and more peevish and tiresome, the archetypal boring jokey uncle of TV sit-corns, as his music becomes more and more unfathomably deep.