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Synonyms of pedaled


Definition of pedaled


move by working the pedals of a bicycle.

I took a last slug of the water in my bottle, hopped back on the bike, and pedalled merrily home.

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Example of pedaled

  • Anyway I was pedaling my bike down the street last weekend after softball practice, and a bug flew into my mouth.

  • As I pedaled along, slowly to enjoy the morning, I noticed a park bench whose legs were submerged in the dark lake waters.

  • Because a rider has very little mechanical advantage if the bike is in 15th gear, the bike would be very hard to pedal , and it would take a while to get up to speed.

  • Between piano lessons and shooting hoops, the boy pedaled his bike to the friend's house over several evenings to work on the site's content.

  • But there are too many variables such as speed and pedaling that are not accurately duplicated.

  • Chelsea pedaled her bike past Danny's house for the seventh time, and tried not to make it obvious that she was looking for him.

  • Crammed into sweltering buses and sleek subway cars, pedaling their rusty bikes, they swarm to work.

  • Donny pedaled harder and harder until he could feel his leg muscles burn into knots.

  • Given the ludicrously slow tempo and poor pedaling he imposes throughout, he is not even remotely up to the work's complex technical demands.

  • He pedals to the barbershop, to his doctor appointments, to visit his friends and go out to lunch.