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a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.

Now go back and re-read the first paragraph or the next sentence will sound a little strange.

arrange (a piece of writing) in paragraphs.

This would have got 9 or 10 if it had been paragraphed from the start.

paragraph definition and meaning. What does paragraph definination?

Example of paragraph

  • a new paragraph

  • Also, does anyone know how to separate paragraphs with a line or something on a chapter?

  • Each chapter has a useful set of concluding paragraphs for a quick analysis of theme studies.

  • Entries are usually fairly short, maybe a sentence or a paragraph , but can be much longer.

  • He was reading through the file, staring at a single name in one of the paragraphs in the report.

  • I have been trying to find a detailed description of this but there are only short paragraphs .

  • I mentioned, a few paragraphs ago, the conceptual structure of a plural noun, such as houses.

  • I'm going to have to learn to summarise the days events and my thoughts into a few paragraphs .

  • I'm going to try to summarize in a few paragraphs the qualities that make up a good player.

  • In a series of numbered paragraphs , Lord Taylor summarised the position.

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