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Definition of paint


a colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.

The top ones were drawn on cartridge paper and then painted in watercolour using sepia colour paint , and the bottom ones were painted straight onto watercolour paper using light red.

a piebald horse.

Kris had been trying out barrel racing, so she lugged the heavy western saddle and the square saddle pad over to the paint horse.

cover the surface of (something) with paint, as decoration or protection.

Today hundreds of brightly painted gondolas line the canalside and can be hired out by the hour or half-hour.

depict (someone or something) or produce (a picture) with paint.

My best holiday was with Leo, the artist who'd painted me, and his wife Gemma one summer.

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Example of paint

  • "Come here, " Mum said and smeared white face paint all over Abby's face.

  • A beautiful paint mare was stretched on her side in the middle of labor.

  • A car comes rattling down the street, thick smoke pouring out the back, every door a different colour of blistered paint .

  • A demonstration is given on how to paint using black watercolor or slightly thinned tempera paint .

  • Although I'm going to the paint horse show in the morning there was nothing today to bounce me out early.

  • Bettman wants certain high-profile owners to be vocal about small markets and paint a doom-and-gloom financial picture.

  • Finally, rub down the wood to remove the splinters, give it a thin wash of acrylic paint and brush on the clear preservative.

  • flying behind hills lessens the enemy's ability to paint you with radar

  • For the third coat, which you will sponge onto the wall, you can pick either a colour glaze paint or a ready-made colour wash.

  • He is fond of thin paint and frequently layers a dark blue or black wash over phosphorescent pastel hues.

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