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Definition of pageantries


elaborate display or ceremony.

Pomp, pageantry and gaiety ran riot making the atmosphere electric.

pageantries definition and meaning. What does pageantries definination?

Example of pageantries

  • But, unbelievably, there is a downside to all the harrumphing pomp and pageantry .

  • It all just adds to the colour, glamour and pageantry .

  • It was the glamour and pageantry attached to the whole event that set us thinking of the first Olympics and how they came to be.

  • It will all be done tastefully - as a nation we do heritage and pageantry well - and tears will no doubt be shed for a shared loss.

  • OK, so it's a bit of constitutional glitter and pomp and pageantry junkies love it.

  • Only those on work-based learning courses will be expected to turn up as normal when the five-day festival of horse racing and pageantry is hosted by the city.

  • Pomp, pageantry and gaiety ran riot making the atmosphere electric.

  • Readers have brought in their own mementoes of previous days of pomp and pageantry .

  • That was followed by dozens of special events including readings, plays, pageantry and exhibitions.

  • the pageantry of George V's jubilee