outward Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of outward

Definition of outward


away from the center or a particular point; toward the outside.

A beam of light collided with the deck and exploded outward in a dome shape.

going out or away from a place.

The Great Depression temporarily slowed the outward migration, but it didn't change the yearnings of Americans.

of, on, or from the outside.

You like that he's free of outward assumptions.

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Example of outward

  • ‘Fear societies’ are not only nasty to their own subjects but prone to outward aggression and thus dangerous.

  • A beam of light collided with the deck and exploded outward in a dome shape.

  • A special, new kind of warmth spread outward from his heart.

  • All outward signs point to your average bakery, but the delicious delights displayed on the shelves of O'Hehir's bakery in Wine Street can actually be enjoyed on site.

  • And it seems that when you outlaw the outward appearance of poverty, the poverty you find when you scratch the surface is much more squalid.

  • And we're guilty of looking on people's outward appearances but it's what's inside here that counts.

  • Apes share some of the same expressions or at least outward manifestations as people.

  • Attendees at auctions of collectibles are not known for any outward expression of enthusiasm.

  • By all outward appearances, things looked dead.

  • Check your system by placing a number of equal-size cans around the lawn, at regular intervals outward from the sprinklers.