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Definition of outcast


a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.

Why did she feel it would be a good idea to create an outreach program for social outcasts ?

rejected or cast out.

It was an outcast table for it was far away from all others in the corner.

outcast definition and meaning. What does outcast definination?

Example of outcast

  • Along with the music came an interest in books, which was a guarantor of outcast status back then and probably still is today.

  • Any breakdown in these prescriptions risks serious pollution, bringing danger to those affected and outcast status to the perpetrator.

  • Beth was my best friend and stuck by me unlike my other outcast friends who think I'm a bratty popular kid now.

  • But the idea of the outcast protester has a noble lineage in Argentine music and arts.

  • From his initial statements, we see Antony bewailing his outcast state and blaming it on Cleopatra.

  • He was always considered an outcast , because of his shyness and nerdy behavior.

  • Her outcast friends were very similar to the group that sat before her, and she was extremely happy with that.

  • Her long and lonely outcast life has led her to be cold and depressed.

  • I felt like I was being made a total outcast .

  • I was a total social outcast , but usually I didn't mind.

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