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an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.

Some single-celled organisms called protists do in fact use cilia on their cell surface to swim through water.

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Example of organism

  • A company is a living organism competing, collaborating, and cocreating in a network of other companies.

  • A covenant places the emphasis on the church as an organism of living relationships rather than an institutional organization.

  • A genome is all the genetic information or hereditary material possessed by an organism .

  • According to Richard Pascale, if you want your company to stay alive, then try running it like a living organism .

  • Aging is characterized by the progressive loss of functional and structural integrity of the organism .

  • As soon as a system - whether an organism or an economy - runs out of energy, it starts to disintegrate.

  • Broadly speaking, the Greeks viewed the Universe as a living organism rather than as a mechanism like a watch.

  • Figure 1 gives the overall rooted organismal phylogeny assumed, with the topology for a particular gene constituting only a subtree of this global phylogeny.

  • Genetics has been an important tool for studying the molecular basis of cell functions and for establishing correlations between cellular function and organismic function.

  • His repeated failures forced him to reconsider some common and basic assumptions about how the human organism works.