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Synonyms of organisation


Definition of organisation


an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc..

The Carers Association is the national voluntary organisation for family carers in the home.

the action of organizing something.

Many thanks to Toby who put a lot of organization and time into this, and made this happen.

organisation definition and meaning. What does organisation definination?

Example of organisation

  • After all the build-up, planning and organisation , the Fringe is finally here.

  • As a result of inadequate supervision and organisation , four of the teenagers drowned.

  • Because of this, many sectors have not yet moved away from old patterns of organisation .

  • Computers can also cut time and costs spent on the control, organisation and operation of the production process.

  • governmental organisation

  • he's no good at organisation

  • I'm studying the organisation of the brain

  • Ian is talking in a professional way about forward planning, organisation and continuity before breaking off.

  • It appealed to her belief in good management and organisation as the means to achieving targets.

  • It feels it would be better with the administration and organisation of the centre in the hands of council staff.