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Definition of oratories


(in the Roman Catholic Church) a religious society of secular priests founded in Rome in 1564 to provide plain preaching and popular services and established in various countries.

a small chapel, especially for private worship.

A successful lecture was held in the Dominican oratory recently on the subject of how the church began.

the art or practice of formal speaking in public.

Fred Turner was a gifted speaker, attracted to books and public oratory .

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Example of oratories

  • A celebrated public speaker, he established the tradition of commemorative oratory in the United States.

  • Allen's primary intention, we can see, has been to explicate the art of oratory not for its own sake, but as a tool of social justice in general and of abolition.

  • Although identified as a fierce partisan, he received high marks from members of both political parties for his hard work, reasonableness, and eloquent oratory .

  • As is fitting for an Oratorian , Father Robinson turns to Philip Neri to find the organizing principle for his discussion of prayer in the Catholic tradition.

  • At the same time, the Filippine Order was spreading its wings, and oratories were set up in many cities in Roman Catholic countries.

  • Beside this the oratory has a high beamed ceiling, an exposed stone wall and views over the garden to the front and side.

  • Elected to many political positions, including his appointment as mayor of Bogotá, Gaitán had captivated the country with his dynamic oratory and articulation of social problems.

  • Eloquent oratory has long been an integral part of the Samoan culture.

  • Formal oratory notwithstanding, everyday speech is, on the other hand, largely informal and typically spontaneous.

  • He and the students who flocked to him in droves constructed an oratory named the Paraclete, where he continued to write, teach, and research.