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Definition of observe


fulfill or comply with (a social, legal, ethical, or religious obligation).

For good hand-washing habits, section members will stress that the following steps must be observed .

notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.

Although it was hard to notice, observing the area around it, everything inside was alive.

observe definition and meaning. What does observe definination?

Example of observe

  • observe what happens next

  • A private group is organizing activities to observe the 600th anniversary of the naval expeditions led by Ming dynasty explorer Zheng He.

  • A third reason why state officials observe international legal obligations is that they perceive international law to be of functional value.

  • a tribunal must observe the principles of natural justice

  • all he did was observe

  • Also, be sure to return on August 17, when we will observe the one-year anniversary of Rachel's murder.

  • Americans get just two weeks of annual leave and there is no obligation for states to observe the 10 federal public holidays.

  • As we filled our plates with warm food, I watched my family observe him carefully, wondering what it was in him that made me like him.

  • Astronomers here observe the universe by studying faint radio waves emitted by stars, evaporating comets and distant galaxies.

  • At this diminished rate of novel sequence discovery, one can expect to observe a significant gain from enrichment procedures.

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