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Definition of oath


a profane or offensive expression used to express anger or other strong emotions.

Cue for groans and muttered oaths from my neighbors, and that was before they'd stepped out on to Madison, where New York's finest were out in force, checking identities and blocking off half the streets of midtown.

a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behavior.

For a few moments the couple find themselves in church or in the registry office watched by their closest family and friends, publicly swearing what amounts to a solemn oath of allegiance to each other.

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Example of oath

  • A group of Bradford immigrants will take an oath of allegiance to the Queen and make a pledge to uphold British democratic values in a history-making ceremony at City Hall on Monday.

  • And under the juror oath to tell the truth about prior arrests, he also seemed to have an agenda.

  • Another woman reporter made a solemn oath to bring her husband and 13-month-old baby to the park next year.

  • As he took the oath , it became obvious to all that his left arm was totally useless.

  • Bahzell lowered his sword slowly and muttered an oath as he surveyed the carnage.

  • Bolingbroke gives his solemn oath that he has come not to usurp the throne but simply to reclaim his rightful goods and title.

  • But he could have given a statement to the court without swearing an oath , an option not pursued by his inexperienced lawyer.

  • Carr entered the witness box and swore an oath before the court, then gave some preliminary details about herself.

  • Democrats and Republicans are on different sides of the aisle, but we have a shared oath and a solemn obligation to serve our country together.

  • each took the oath and then gave evidence