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Synonyms of notorious


Definition of notorious


famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

The most notorious woman in Colchester's history is making a return to the town she razed to the ground.

notorious definition and meaning. What does notorious definination?

Example of notorious

  • A notorious accident spot that has been the scene of horrific road crashes is the focus of a new safety plan.

  • A campaign to curb speeders on one of the area's most notorious roads has been given a boost.

  • And that is not taking into account the stigma and notoriety associated with divorcees.

  • Bethell has become notorious for his high-profile campaign to normalise nudity.

  • Bills of rights are notorious for being the last ground of the desperate in litigation.

  • But he also starred in countless films which are so bad they have become notorious .

  • But he pressed on and his next task was the crossing of the notorious Kaman River.

  • But it was a pastime which landed him a spell in one of Greece's most notorious prisons.

  • Channel Four is to film a version of Belle de Jour, one of the more notorious weblogs, now finished.

  • For Dylan is not only the most renowned protest singer of his era but also its most notorious renegade.