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Definition of note


a banknote.

He then pulled out a wad of $100 and $50 notes before paying the bill and leaving a $3 tip.

a brief record of facts, topics, or thoughts, written down as an aid to memory.

University is not just about sitting in lectures and taking notes , then going over to the library to do essays.

a particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

The voice was calm but it held a firm note of authoritative quality that only fools would disobey.

a short informal letter or written message.

I crumpled the note up and threw it into the fireplace.

a single tone of definite pitch made by a musical instrument or the human voice.

The track starts slowly with an electro beat that eventually gives way to a long drawn out synth bass line of three notes .

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Example of note

  • A signed note from a militia official or a local tribal leader is usually enough to pass muster.

  • All this talk that one shouldn't change a single note in a score is nonsense.

  • But Stuttaford ends his own piece on an optimistic note , and I would add one of my own.

  • Had I been more organised I'd have put an explanatory note inside.

  • He accused local Kurdish officials of colluding in the expulsion and displayed an official note , bearing the stamp of the local mayor.

  • He admitted to being emotionally exhausted by the meeting, the official note recorded.

  • He strikes only one note of caution for aspiring American dancers.

  • His favoured tool was the confession note , a certificate confirming that a penitent had been confessed by an authorized priest.

  • I crumpled the note as best I could, and threw it over the wall.

  • I crumpled the note up and threw it into the fireplace.

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