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Definition of nose


(of a vehicle or its driver) make one's way cautiously forward.

Meanwhile, crowds pack her restaurant, watching lilliputian fishing boats nosing into the breeze, fishermen working over their gear, seagulls white in the sun.

(of an animal) thrust its nose against or into something, especially in order to smell it.

I looked around the clearing to where our horses nosed together in the grass.

a look, especially out of curiosity.

The dog clambered up onto the counter and stood there with a paw on each side of my bag and had a good old nose around.

investigate or pry into something.

I think I'll nose around a bit and see if there's any work for me.

the front end of an aircraft, car, or other vehicle.

Don't be afraid to use the rudder at the last second before touchdown to put the nose exactly in front of you.

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Example of nose

  • A nose for news and excellent verbal and written skills are a must.

  • A big-boned and racy Languedoc Syrah, it has a warm perfumed nose that hints of heather and dried spices.

  • A blockbuster wine, the nose of which is bursting with fruit.

  • a dog with a keen nose

  • A strange musk disguised the Knights' scent from the keen nose of the werewolf.

  • After pouring a finger of your chosen whisky, briefly nose the glass.

  • Again, she tried to scream but one of the figures put a sickly smelling cloth on her nose and mouth and she began to feel tired.

  • Aggressive raspberry and black cherry nose is followed by a ripe fruit and sweet oak palate, and a finish which is slightly stalky and green.

  • Faulkner just got the better start from the outside of the front row to nose ahead of Westbrook on the sprint to the first corner.

  • He began his flare at 200 feet; however, the nose of the aircraft got a little too high.