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a short film of news and current affairs, formerly made for showing as part of the program in a movie theater.

Way back when, theaters used to show cartoons, newsreels , and short films before you'd see the main attraction.

newsreel definition and meaning. What does newsreel definination?

Example of newsreel

  • Being fake, The News on the March newsreel near the beginning draws precise attention to cinema's ability to concoct the truth.

  • Examples were found in documentaries, industrial and propaganda films, newsreels , and features.

  • Extras include two fluffy featurettes and four badly-worn newsreels .

  • Going even further, there are two 1930s movie newsreels that were filmed with the actual Grey Owl, a text biography, and a screen of web links to Grey Owl sites.

  • He utilized ‘found footage’ from feature films, newsreels , and advertisements and edited them together under a unified film score soundtrack.

  • He was an accomplished flutist and pianist who became a staff composer at Universal Studios, scoring everything from feature films to newsreels to Abbott and Costello comedies.

  • I also remember seeing the newsreel of the promo for the film on a video at Cliff's house.

  • Putting his money where his mouth was, the publisher eventually became involved in every type of cinema: feature films, animation and newsreels .

  • Rounding out the disc is a brief newsreel of the film's Canadian premiere and the original theatrical trailer.

  • The collective was set up in 1933 to exhibit Soviet films and workers' newsreels , which it began making in 1934.

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