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Synonyms of neutrality


Definition of neutrality


absence of decided views, expression, or strong feeling.

the clinical neutrality of the description

the condition of being chemically or electrically neutral.

the state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartiality.

They also asked government workers to maintain political neutrality in the upcoming parliamentary votes.

neutrality definition and meaning. What does neutrality definination?

Example of neutrality

  • Despite its neutrality , Belgium was attacked by the Germans in 1914 in order to circumvent the French fortifications along the Franco-German border.

  • During a speech in Athens she said concerns over neutrality had been addressed at the recent EU summit in Seville.

  • during the war, Switzerland maintained its neutrality

  • For anyone who sees this fact clearly, neutrality , silence or private disapproval are not options.

  • His comments were the third time in recent days where a government minister has interpreted Ireland's neutrality .

  • Hitherto the question of neutrality or intervention had been largely theoretical.

  • In every important strike the bourgeois press is forced to drop its spurious neutrality .

  • Japan concluded the Anglo-Japanese Alliance to ensure that London maintained a benevolent neutrality .

  • Moreover, the positive side to Irish neutrality , our promotion of diplomatic settlements, our proud UN peacekeeping traditions, must be maintained.

  • The alleged neutrality of the UN is a fiction.

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