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Synonyms of negotiable


Definition of negotiable


open to discussion or modification.

In the case of Belgium, the discount is negotiable between the investor and the Belgian government, according to the agreed scheme.

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Example of negotiable

  • ‘Prices’ are negotiable and certain jobs and services can be paid for partly with Lets credits and partly with cash.

  • And my husband refers to prostitutes as ‘women of negotiable virtue’.

  • And these are things that are negotiable in the early stages.

  • Are there some principles upon which it is worth making a stand - or is everything negotiable and flexible in this post-modern world?

  • As compensation we gave ourselves the treat of a delightfully decadent hydrangea, blowsy, and of that precise shade of acid pink that speaks of the back parlours occupied by ladies of negotiable affection.

  • But for some, all of those freedoms are negotiable .

  • But I must navigate what is negotiable and what is not, and do my best to constantly re-check my alignments and priorities.

  • Children make their way to school alone, safe in their own locality where shopowners greet them by name and danger from traffic is minimal as few streets are negotiable by cars.

  • Dairygold boss Jerry Henchy told the LRC on Monday the 500 job cuts were not negotiable and he would impose redundancies by December 17 in order to meet the jobs target.

  • Even a bill of lading which is not made negotiable operates as a document of title, because the consignee named therein can only claim delivery of the goods from the shipowner if able to produce the bill of lading.