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Definition of nattered


talk casually, especially about unimportant matters; chatter.

Only… these were the same ones you were nattering with last night.

nattered definition and meaning. What does nattered definination?

Example of nattered

  • A 10% increase in reading speed means that you've got 10% more time to spend nattering with your colleagues over coffee.

  • A bunch of eighteen-year-olds, nattering about parents: ‘They don't understand me.’

  • A man grabs my shoulder and starts nattering at me in Swedish.

  • And the two young ladies kept on nattering on about hair fashion all the time pretending not to see an old man standing close by.

  • Anyhow, we ate our curries and noodles and nattered away for a fair few hours, catching up on all the things we've missed.

  • Around her, they chattered, nattered , muttered… and laughed.

  • But the bus driver's mate jumped on and they started nattering .

  • I like cricket, I like sitting on the boundary with a cold beer, nattering with my friends, half an eye on the game, getting burned because I forgot the sun cream.

  • Iain's dad and I work together, so no doubt we will be nattering about England's progress at every opportunity.

  • It was fun, nattering on about my various writing projects and reflecting on my day's work.