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(of a speech sound) pronounced by the voice resonating in the nose, e.g., m , n , ng.

English vowels may be partially nasalized when followed by a nasal consonant.

a nasal speech sound.

These consonants are generally referred to as nasal consonants or nasals .

a nosepiece on a helmet.

Sometimes a nasal would be included to protect the face, often as an extension of the framework although it could be added separately.

of, for, or relating to the nose.

It is an excellent method for opening blocked nasal passages.

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Example of nasal

  • ‘Alright class, take your seats,’ Mrs. Marks' nasal voice droned through the class.

  • A few girls snickered on the row behind them as warm-ups began; Mikelle's nasal voice often brought ridicule from others around her.

  • And yet again, these problems are ‘solved’ with pills and lotions and nasal sprays.

  • As an oldies act, his nasal whine, shockingly similar to his father's distinctive voice, grates on the nerves in stereo.

  • Belle's nasal voice (which was fake) could be heard a mile away.

  • David's nasal voice managed to sound both sombre and aroused.

  • Drops can relieve itchy eyes, and a nasal spray helps a blocked nose and sneezing.

  • English vowels may be partially nasalized when followed by a nasal consonant.

  • He has a deep and resonant or perhaps a high and nasal voice.

  • Hollow N representing nasal sound of vowels, as in French Vin.