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Synonyms of narrate


Definition of narrate


give a spoken or written account of.

The story is narrated in flashback by Louis, in a letter written from his prison cell.

narrate definition and meaning. What does narrate definination?

Example of narrate

  • Along with other guests, she too will speak and narrate her experiences.

  • Although he continued to write and narrate the films, he was no longer calling the shots in the editing room or with corporate sponsors.

  • And then you would hear a voice begin to narrate the story.

  • Asked how things are, she answers by narrating her life story.

  • Barely three months later in New York, while narrating the story to a group of friends, did I discover that I had been fleeced again.

  • Each tape is well organized and beautifully narrated in language that should be easy for most listeners to understand.

  • For it is through Lanyon's ‘narrative’ as it is written both in his letter to Utterson and ‘on his face’ that the text introduces the transformation of Jekyll into Hyde as a narratable event.

  • He narrates how he fanatically read, trained and thought of it all his waking hours.

  • However, in a gesture that underlines sociality,he prefers instead to argue that the narratable self desires this story from the mouth of another (person).

  • I shall narrate a trivial incident which presaged the shape of things to come.