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Definition of moonlight


have a second job in addition to one's regular employment.

She also moonlights as a consultant to major food and kitchen product companies.

the light of the moon.

She looked frightened in the pale moonlight , her eyes wide as she backed herself against the wall.

moonlight definition and meaning. What does moonlight definination?

Example of moonlight

  • a moonlight stroll

  • Although medical care was free, many health care professionals moonlighted to make extra money because official health care usually involved long lines and waiting lists.

  • And moonlighters may not be up to date with the rapid changes in technology.

  • Benji's curtains were open, allowing some moonlight to light up the room.

  • Carina grinned as she watched the fishes shimmer and shine in the glowing moonlight .

  • He heard the door slide open, letting in the soft glow of moonlight .

  • He smiled down at me, his smile the only thing I could see perfectly outlined in the pale, ghostly moonlight .

  • Her eyes gazed into the white ceiling above her, now blue with the pale moonlight .

  • I wanted you to see the courtyard by moonlight

  • I was home in the evening, except maybe one night a week when I moonlighted to make extra money, which was approved by the Army.