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Synonyms of monarchism

Definition of monarchism

support for the principle of having monarchs.

It is certain that National Socialism does not favor monarchism and is definitely republican in conviction.

monarchism definition and meaning. What does monarchism definination?

Example of monarchism

  • ‘This means that perhaps there will be no constitutional amendments and the monarchist form of rule in the Ukraine will continue,’ he said.

  • Adams's Federalist presidency was more bitter still, and the 1800 rematch produced charges of atheism and libertinism against Jefferson, and of monarchism against Adams.

  • Between the uncircumscribed freedom of parliamentarism and a presidentialism that resembles monarchism , the latter is preferable.

  • Conservatives were reassured when at the end of 1921 Fascism became an organized party, the Partito Nazionale Fascista, and embraced monarchism and liberal economics.

  • Elizabeth's childhood is invariably presented in monarchist propaganda as a time of unbroken happiness.

  • For the sake of those who have given up on democracy and are reverting to monarchism : the people are against this war.

  • He is best known for defending monarchism on the technical grounds of time-preference.

  • His monarchism was held against him after the 1917 Revolution, until Stalin revealed his liking for him.

  • his condemnation of parliamentary sovereignty was in line with his lifelong monarchism

  • How does he reconcile Dante's monarchism with modern egalitarianism?

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