Definition of moment


a quantity that expresses the average or expected value of the first, second, third, or fourth power of the deviation of each component of a frequency distribution from some given value, typically mean or zero. The first moment is the mean, the second moment the variance, the third moment the skew, and the fourth moment the kurtosis.

And the second moment gives way to a third, and so on, thus yielding the natural numbers.

a turning effect produced by a force acting at a distance on an object.

The relative size of the control surface in relation to its location also will determine the magnitude of the moments .

a very brief period of time.

The girls giggled and spent the next few moments remembering their experiences with Paz in the past.


Nothing of any importance or moment was really happening, but it appeared to be.

moment definition and meaning. What does moment definination?

Example of moment

  • A bell was sounded at the exact moment the waves hit, marking two minutes of silence.

  • All eyes, it seemed turned at the exact moment to stare at the handsome man who had strolled into the room.

  • Although we entertained the idea of one of us moving, it just never seemed to be the right moment .

  • come over here for a moment

  • geometrical moment

  • He had been laying low for awhile waiting for the right moment to get his revenge.

  • He held my gaze for a moment longer before returning his focus to my grandmother.

  • He rummaged around for a moment and returned with a pair of black pants and a light blue sleeveless top.

  • I bought these shoes in a moment of madness

  • I never have a spare moment

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