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a substance made by mixing other substances together.

The next, and penultimate, course was manzana peppers stuffed with a mixture of ground meat.

mixture definition and meaning. What does mixture definination?

Example of mixture

  • 51 Use carburetor heat to help vaporize the fuel and enrich the mixture .

  • A reproduction of the original Brussels weave carpet covers the floors and a mixture of objects of different styles and epochs furnish the room.

  • Accurate acreage assessment is difficult because so many of the old Italian vineyards were planted with a mixture of different varieties.

  • After 5 hours of heliox therapy, she was returned to breathing a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.

  • As a result, the engine would run rough due to the lean mixture at all cylinders.

  • For example, engines vary in how hard they compress the fuel mixture of gasoline vapor and air.

  • For most flights below 3,000 feet, you can set the mixture to full rich and forget about it.

  • Gently adjust the levers for the fuel mixture and pitch of the propeller.

  • He is a curious mixture , this Freddie who gets a Christmas card from the PRIME Minister and sees himself as an anti-establishment traditionalist.

  • he was a curious mixture, an unpredictable man

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