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Synonyms of mitigates


Definition of mitigates


make less severe, serious, or painful.

One is to develop a serious plan for mitigating extreme poverty.

mitigates definition and meaning. What does mitigates definination?

Example of mitigates

  • Another major point in the argument against capital punishment is called mitigating circumstances.

  • As it stands, this preposterously long-term deal only mitigates the first year of that possibility.

  • But the issue won't be mitigated until conservatives make a serious effort to get into academics and make their arguments heard.

  • Clearly, there can be mitigating circumstances as the Panel recognises.

  • drainage schemes have helped to mitigate this problem

  • Even manslaughter could be covered by a fine if there were mitigating circumstances, or if the victim were a slave.

  • Every case of slavery, however lenient its inflictions and mitigated its atrocities, indicates an oppressor, the oppressed, and oppression.

  • If there turns out to be mitigating circumstances, they would come out in the court case.

  • If you have serious credit card debts, the best way to mitigate the bill is to switch to zero interest plastic.

  • In fact, there is alarming evidence that a significant number of people actually believe that where drinking is a factor in rape, it mitigates the offence itself.

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