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Definition of misrepresents


give a false or misleading account of the nature of.

This explains why they are eager to misrepresent the nature of Strauss's thought.

misrepresents definition and meaning. What does misrepresents definination?

Example of misrepresents

  • A Hindu is understandably irate when his religion is misrepresented and misinterpreted.

  • But a second problem is that such views misrepresent the biblical idea of election in a number of important ways.

  • David is on record as saying that his views were dramatically misrepresented by the movie.

  • David, I hope I didn't misrepresent your point of view, and I certainly didn't mean to offend you!

  • He misrepresents the financial stability of the current programme to convince the public that it needs to be ‘reformed’.

  • He has also been quoted as being rather annoyed that the ID advocates continually misrepresent his views.

  • I understand that the doctor has made it clear that his views were misrepresented in the media.

  • In my view it misrepresents the significance of the adjudicator's decision simply to treat it as part of the decision making process.

  • It misrepresents the nature of the choices ahead for the Australian labour movement.

  • Jack, mate, I'm sorry I misrepresented your views on free education and feminism.

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