misgiving Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of misgiving
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Definition of misgiving


a feeling of doubt or apprehension about the outcome or consequences of something.

She admitted she had grave misgivings about passing such a sentence, but said she was prepared to give the defendant a chance.

misgiving definition and meaning. What does misgiving definination?

Example of misgiving

  • After living with this album for a couple of months, my initial misgivings have been dispelled.

  • As the trip progressed, many in the group confessed they had travelled to China with misgivings .

  • But despite all these misgivings , I must confess I fell for the movie hook, line and sinker.

  • But there have to be serious misgivings about how often he will be ready to put his vulnerable body in the firing line.

  • Chief among these misgivings is a suspicion that the new system is about putting a brake on the capacity of patients to make trouble.

  • Despite my misgivings , I picked up a box of these today when I filled the new prescription.

  • Despite the misgivings of experts, global demand for the U.S. dollar remains strong.

  • He couldn't help having misgivings about the easy taxonomy to which he found himself resorting.

  • I felt a sense of misgiving at the prospect of retirement

  • I was dismayed by their lack of confidence in the world's safest form of travel but understood their misgivings .