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Synonyms of minimizes


Definition of minimizes


reduce (something, especially something unwanted or unpleasant) to the smallest possible amount or degree.

The materials used are usually minimized or changed to reduce production time and cost.

minimizes definition and meaning. What does minimizes definination?

Example of minimizes

  • All of these steps are important in reducing and minimizing the cost that the United States has to pay for what it did.

  • Because evangelization was the ultimate goal, Scales minimizes the importance of the social work conducted at the center.

  • By moving out of these gradually, it may be possible to balance losses against gains and minimise the amount of tax paid.

  • Change is minimised where possible, to allow for as little disruption to the practice as possible.

  • First, the television news programs downplayed and minimized it.

  • Go over as much of the cut-in area as possible to minimize any visible changes in texture.

  • He gets the job just because he is your nephew, which makes him harder to fire and minimizes the true importance of IT in your organization.

  • He offends progressives by minimizing the importance of venerable social villains such as poverty.

  • However, their value is minimized if the attackers can obtain the appropriate keys by other means.

  • If the nature of the hope is different and the wait turns out to be longer than we or they expected, that neither erases nor minimizes the value of their witness.

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