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Synonyms of mild


Definition of mild


gentle and not easily provoked.

He hasn't a charismatic figure or a flamboyant style, but he is definitely mild , modest and mellow.

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Example of mild

  • Although his contemporaries describe him as a mild and gentle person, his addresses and essays say No!

  • Although they are the only defendants who might, by virtue of their occupations, have had access to state secrets, they received comparatively mild sentences.

  • Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage.

  • Ann was a lady of gentle and mild disposition who was very well liked in the area.

  • Another session examines ways to establish relaxation as our ‘default’ mode in preference to our customary states of stress and mild panic.

  • Dr. Schafer uses a local anesthetic combined with a mild intravenous sedative before making an incision a few millimeters long under each arm.

  • During unusually mild winter weather and during the summer, the jet stream retreats northward into Canada.

  • Effects can range from mild feelings of stress and anxiety, to bouts of severe depression or even violent urges.

  • Even the death penalty was too mild for something like that.

  • Expect fireworks in what should be mild weather at game time in Kansas City.