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midwinters definition and meaning. What does midwinters definination?

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  • Add the crunch of toasted bread and pancetta, and there you are: peperonata con bruschetta, a red pepper resurrection in midwinter .

  • Also, the price of gold has a seasonal trend, peaking in midwinter .

  • But seriously, there really are observations of circadian activity in arctic reindeer that suggest something interesting is going on in reindeer brains in midwinter and midsummer.

  • By sealing in moisture, the antidesiccant minimizes the damage that can come from cycles of freezing, thawing, and refreezing in midwinter .

  • Damp almost certainly means midges, something often overlooked when a garden is planned in midwinter , so this is not the ideal spot for summer suppers under the stars.

  • During midwinter ceremonies, an elder's voice will rise as the drum quiets.

  • Even in midwinter , women went about the streets in miniskirts (though they wore long, long boots when it was really cold.)

  • For two years we got along wonderfully as friends, until the night of the midwinter feast five years ago.

  • I suspect I know who you would most like to see in midwinter when your pipes burst.

  • In midwinter , the sun's elevation does not exceed 20 to 23 degrees, and the shortest day consists of about nine hours of daylight.

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