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Definition of merger


a combination of two things, especially companies, into one.

One important factor here was the development of large-scale business through mergers .

merger definition and meaning. What does merger definination?

Example of merger

  • merger can be applied for when the freehold and leasehold estates become vested in the same person

  • a merger between two supermarket chains

  • Because cooperation was legal, there was less pressure for industry-wide mergers .

  • Book value can increase as a result of mergers , and it can go up if a company has just sold a lot of new equity.

  • Brokerages rely on huge investment banking fees from stock and bond offerings and mergers .

  • But it is the story of a culture clash, and a textbook example for why mergers so often go so horribly wrong.

  • During the 1980s mergers and acquisitions were primarily aimed at buying hard assets.

  • He sees the job of a mergers regulator as setting down clear standards for companies to follow.

  • However, neither of these approaches provided a clear path to the control of mergers .

  • It seems that evolutionary growth was limited and the industry saw mergers and acquisitions as the answer.

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