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Synonyms of merchandise


Definition of merchandise


goods to be bought and sold.

Sutlers - those merchants authorized to peddle provisions in camp - sold such merchandise as soap, thread, and liquor.

promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.

What I left with was much more: An insight into the critical role CAD technologies are now playing throughout the supply chain - from merchandising to retail display.

merchandise definition and meaning. What does merchandise definination?

Example of merchandise

  • ‘The range of merchandise sold in the current shop has improved dramatically and it is now time to extend the services we offer to our customers,’ she said.

  • And the surreal official merchandise has to be seen to even be fathomed.

  • anyone who is not of that Guild may not merchandise with them

  • During that year he sold both goods raised on the farm and general store merchandise similar to that sold at the family store on Huguenot Street.

  • During the day she would go around townships selling all sorts of merchandise ranging from bottles, vegetables, fruits and maize which she carried on her head and in the evening go for classes.

  • Employees sell merchandise off truck tailgates and from the back of aircraft so that troops can at least buy the essentials - like toiletries, socks and underwear.

  • Every company that said it was going to start selling its merchandise over the Web could watch its stock soar.

  • Flat caps, by public demand, have been added to the list of official merchandise at the Commonwealth Games.

  • For those who think this is not such a bad thing, check out this merchandise , link courtesy of InstaPundit.

  • He was charged with the possession of a large quantity of merchandise protected by registered trademarks, and illegally selling the copyrighted merchandise .