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(of something provided or available) lacking in quantity or quality.

Its greatest weakness is its meager budget and limited scope.

meagre definition and meaning. What does meagre definination?

Example of meagre

  • A staggering 71% of workers in the industry don't even have access to a pension at work and many will be reliant on a meagre state pension to provide their retirement income.

  • All the same he would queue up with the other drones for hours to receive his meagre earnings.

  • Although she was managing to get by on the meagre salary she drew tutoring primary-school children after school, it most likely wouldn't last.

  • And from what I've seen, you're pretty content with your meagre wardrobe.

  • But elsewhere, it wasn't taken seriously and anti-virus programs were used meagrely in the eastern part of the globe.

  • Colin Farrell, the latest Irish actor to make it in Hollywood, might command millions for a movie, but other Irish actors are struggling on meagre wages in theatre and television at home.

  • Earnings on this level fall to a meagre three cents a share.

  • He began to drink heavily, left London in 1914, and spent the rest of his life roaming around Ireland, living off meagre earnings from hastily scribbled articles and stories.

  • He had laid off some heavy bets recently and his meagre earnings as a postman would not cover them.

  • He lives very meagerly and asks no buddy for help, they don't care.

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