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material used for mats, especially coarse fabric woven from a natural fiber.

She let the two of them in and let them sit down on the matting .

the process of becoming matted.

To avoid the clumping or matting of hair in long-haired cats, grooming with a brush or comb is recommended.

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Example of matting

  • A ribbed rubber matting is nice on the Shih Tzu grooming table and is easy to keep clean.

  • Besides shotcrete, rockbolts, stone and wire mesh, a composite product of mesh and matting on which grass can be grown is being used.

  • For example, cocoa matting is probably the least expensive material you can buy to cover floors in today's world.

  • He actually had a bed to sleep in instead of matting and a cardboard box.

  • His store also specializes in fabric-embossed matting, hand-carved mats and French matting .

  • I will need some moisture mats - thick layers of hemp fibre matting which sit on top of the waste.

  • In reality, rush matting was most frequently used on floors.

  • In some villages bamboo matting and reeds are used to form walls.

  • It looks really good, and best of all, bark mulch on weed matting is low maintenance.

  • Keep in mind that hair caught in a sudden rainstorm could also be in danger of serious matting if the strands are not immediately combed out.