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Definition of material


cloth or fabric.

The purple dress of velvet material had fitted her perfectly.

denoting or consisting of physical objects rather than the mind or spirit.

All mentioned material things like a large salary, a nice house, an SUV, and so on.

facts, information, or ideas for use in creating a book or other work.

She makes no attempt to disguise her material in order to create the illusion of a realistic scene.

important; essential; relevant.

It will give auditors a better understanding of what is of material significance to the banks' regulator.

the matter from which a thing is or can be made.

Many of the males and a few of the females wear stuff that looks like leather, but most is woven animal fur or plant material of kinds I do not know.

material definition and meaning. What does material definination?

Example of material

  • material fact

  • material for a documentary

  • material wealth

  • At higher elevations on these mountains, the parent material is acid crystalline rock.

  • For the first three harvests, plant material was bulked across three gullies to obtain sufficient plant material for mineral analyses.

  • He is not teller material or bank material for that matter, but he sure makes me laugh.

  • Heavy, tight weave fabrics will burn more slowly than loose weave, light fabrics of the same material .

  • His performance will feature both old material and songs from the new album.

  • How does she create her material , and what comes first, words or music?

  • I am more interested in building relationships with people rather than receiving material items.