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Definition of mass


a coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape.

Venus is covered in a mass of clouds which are thought to be a couple of miles thick and made up of sulphuric acid.

assemble or cause to assemble into a mass or as one body.

They announce they're massing troops, seemingly unaware that this just makes for one rich target as opposed to many.

relating to, done by, or affecting large numbers of people or things.

The real story is quite different from the one presented so far in the mass media.

the majority of.

For the mass of the population they were not only salesmen but bringers of news, street entertainers, quacks, and sorcerers.

the quantity of matter that a body contains, as measured by its acceleration under a given force or by the force exerted on it by a gravitational field.

In fact, the inertial mass of any object exactly equals the gravitational mass of the object.

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Example of mass

  • A mass of runners swarmed the roads for one of the towns' biggest yearly events.

  • A mass of striking silhouettes in shades of reds, yellows and whites can give the effect of a living, growing sculpture.

  • All this has produced explosive social contradictions, including a vast chasm between the wealthy elites and the mass of the population.

  • As soon as I was able to see again, I noticed the silver car making its way up the driveway, trailing a mass of dust behind it.

  • Even now the mass of the population is alienated from these institutions and the political elite that inhabits them.

  • Every object with mass exerts a gravitational force.

  • Facing these two challenges head on, he has done a first rate job of sifting through a huge mass of material and making sense of it.

  • First, he feared that the mass of material which had accumulated during the patient's lifetime would be so great that the treatment might go on indefinitely.

  • From this elevated angle, the crowd looked like a mass of glowing angels doing some sort of celestial dance.

  • He did so with an ability, clarity and, given the mass of material, brevity for which we both thank and commend him.

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