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Definition of march


(of a country, territory, or estate) have a common frontier with.

a frontier or border area between two countries or territories, especially between England and Wales or (formerly) England and Scotland.

Set on the Welsh Marches beneath Lancashire, its name comes from the Latin for Place of the Legions.

an act or instance of marching.

The travel was slow and easy, though the men kept a steady rhythm in their march , their minds dwelling on their families back home.

walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread.

She talked off how the military marched around the streets and how unfairly they treated the people.

march definition and meaning. What does march definination?

Example of march

  • A police officer caught on video repeatedly bashing a protester walking, just walking, in the front line of a march .

  • At one point, the film follows several of the tour's dancers watching a march by the AIDS activist group ACT UP.

  • he began to hum a funeral march

  • Hundreds of victims of Britain's A-bomb tests are to march on Parliament today in what they say is their best chance ever to secure compensation.

  • Hundreds of York City fans were expected to march on Bootham Crescent today in a show of solidarity for the threatened football club.

  • I was aware that the strikers were going to march on Parliament before the end of the week.

  • In the second movement - the funeral march - musical iconography impinges on performance.

  • Instead the music becomes a jaunty march , of the sort that would have been associated with the armies of revolutionary France.

  • It understands rile future not as simply a repetition of today or as the inevitable march of progress.

  • It's important to have a plan for that time, but also to break the march into manageable pieces.