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Definition of mane


a growth of long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, or other animal.

So the three of us climbed aboard with the child in front taking the reins and clutching the mane of the horse for balance.

mane definition and meaning. What does mane definination?

Example of mane

  • A braided band of leather lies across her forehead to hold back her white, thick mane .

  • A lion with a majestic mane has long been a trophy coveted by big game hunters in Africa.

  • A long mane of white hair fell down his back, and curled around the silver amulet hanging from his neck.

  • After combing her mane and tail hair, checking her hoofs, and braiding her tail, I began to saddle Candy up.

  • All he sees is the rich mane of chestnut hair cascading around her perfect face.

  • Deep down, I think most women have at some point yearned for a mane of long, blonde hair.

  • he had a mane of white hair

  • He had a thick mane of dark hair, usually slicked back but at times becomingly tousled.

  • I patted the horse's dark mane , and shifted my hips slightly so that I was more comfortable.

  • I walk her every day, give her the best hay and barley to eat, and brush her mane and coat every day.

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